Cat Hotel or Cat Sitter – What Is Best For Your Cat?

If you are a cat owner then you will know the importance of finding the best care for your cat when you are away from home. But how do you know whether a Cat Hotel or a Cat Sitter is best for your cat?

What is a Cat Hotel?

A Cat Hotel or a Cattery is a boarding establishment that you take your cat to when you are away from home. It’s usually purpose-built and houses several cats in individual cages or rooms. Some Cat Hotels are quite basic and others are more luxurious.

What is a Cat Sitter?

A Cat Sitter is someone like The Cat Butler who comes to your home to take care of your cat when you can’t be there. The main benefit of using a Cat Sitter is that your cat can stay in the familiarity of its own home when you go away. There is no need to transport your cat to a cattery. Most cats find the whole cattery experience quite stressful and are much happier staying at home, keeping to their normal routine.

Will your cat prefer a Cat Hotel or a Cat Sitter?

Like people, cats have their personalities and are not all the same! Therefore, it’s important to consider the needs of your cat when deciding whether a Cat Hotel or a Cat Sitter is the best option for your cat.

If your cat:

  • Is independent and likes the creature comforts of its own home
  • Hates the sight of the cat carrier
  • Finds car travel traumatic
  • Normally has access to a cat flap and loves to explore the great outdoors
  • Is territorial and hates the sight of other cats

Then he will probably be much happier staying at home and having a Cat Sitter visit when you go away than being boarded in a Cat Hotel.

If your cat:

  • Is anxious being on its own
  • Gets distressed when you leave the house
  • Is used to having company most of the time

Then he might not do well home alone. He may be better in a Cat Hotel where there are other cats around him.

It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of each service and see which best meets the needs of your cat.

Benefits of using The Cat Butler

Your cat stays at home

If you use the services of The Cat Butler, then your cat gets to stay in the comfort and security of its own home and its familiar surroundings, when you go away. Its normal routine stays the same such as feeding, favourite sleeping spot, and being able to access the great outdoors, should your cat normally have access to a cat flap.

Cats are territorial animals and many find the sight and sound of other strange cats at a Cat Hotel stressful. They are also confined to a small space/cage for most of the time and, if they are normally an outdoor cat, may find it upsetting that they cannot access the outside at The Cat Hotel.

No car travel for your cat

Most cats find car travel traumatic, not to mention the sight of the dreaded cat carrier!

Using The Cat Butler means there is no distressing car trip to the Cat Hotel.

Less hassle for you

No need to transport your cat to the Cat Hotel each time you go away!

Most Cat Hotels have restrictions around drop off and collection times, meaning you need to plan when you drop off your cat around your trip times.

We can administer medication

We have veterinary trained cat sitters on our team who can administer a wide range of medication, such as insulin if your cat is diabetic. Many Cat Hotels will not accept cats that have medical conditions such as diabetes.

Your home is more secure

The Cat Butler provides a Home Security Service free of charge, to give your home a lived-in appearance while you’re away, to deter criminal interest:

While you are  away we can:

  • Put out/take in rubbish/recycling bins.
  • Take in the post/newspapers/deliveries.
  • Open and close curtains and blinds.
  • Alternate lights on and off within different rooms.
  • Water indoor and patio plants.

Comparison of Costs

 Cat Hotel

A Cat Hotel will vary in price depending on the standard of service and the facilities/care that your cat will receive.

In the local area you could pay a daily rate of up to £17 for one cat, £24 for two cats, and £31 for three cats.

The Cat Butler

The Cat Butler charges a flat rate of £12 for one daily visit (up to three cats).

If you have more than three cats, please contact us for a quote.

For a small additional charge, we will also care for other household pets, such as birds, hamsters, rabbits, etc.


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