Maine Coon Kitten: Cat sitting wheathamsteadAre you planning your next trip away but need an alternative to the cattery? The Cat Butler offers an exclusive cat sitting service in Wheathampstead, so that your cat can stay in the comfort of its own home and you can relax while you’re away! Staying in a cattery can be a very stressful experience for your cat, but with our cat sitting service, your cat can carry on with its normal routine whilst enjoying lots of fuss and attention from our professional cat sitters

Passionate about cats

Our cat sitters in Wheathampstead are truly passionate about cats. They are fully vetted and insured and experienced in every aspect of cat care. We have veterinary trained cat sitters in our team, who are comfortable looking after cats with a wide range of medical  conditions.

Our cat sitters understand that cats prefer to be at home rather than in a cattery, and genuinely love visiting cats in their own environment. We know that every cat’s needs are different and always go the extra mile with plenty of fuss and affection.

About The Cat Butler’s services

We offer a comprehensive and full-time Cat Sitting Service with visits at least once a day – but we can visit more often if needed. You can even specify if you’d like us to visit in the morning or afternoon/evening. Our cat sitting service in Wheathampstead includes:

  • Lots of fuss and attention – our cat sitters love playtime during visits!
  • Feeding and topping up water
  • Changing litter and cleaning the feeding areas
  • Cleaning up any ‘accidents’
  • Grooming your cat (if required)
  • Administering medication (if required)

Our cat sitting services also includes a complimentary home security service for added peace of mind. While we’re visiting your cat, our cat sitters are happy to take in the post, open and close curtains and take out any recycling bins.

Tabby kitten: Cat sitting wheathamsteadHow much does it cost?

Rates for our cat sitting service in Wheathampstead are extremely reasonable at £12 for one daily visit (up to three cats). Our home security service is free of charge.

Keeping in touch while you’re away

Our cat sitters want you to relax and enjoy your holiday, so we will stay in touch via text or email to let you know that your cat is doing well. We know that our clients particularly appreciate this personal touch. You can even view photos of your feline friend on our Facebook page during your trip!

How to book cat sitting in Wheathampstead

It couldn’t be easier to book cat sitting in Wheathampstead. Simply fill out our Contact Form or contact us on 01727 821372 between 9am and 6pm and we would be delighted to chat through your cat’s requirements. We will then send you necessary paperwork and arrange a preliminary meeting so that you can meet your prospective cat sitter and discuss the care needed during your trip.

Our exclusive cat sitting service in Wheathamsptead is run by cat lovers, for cat lovers. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!


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