What times do you visit?

Two small kittens

Clients can specify AM, PM, or any time of day visits, but we cannot guarantee specific visiting times (unless medication, such as insulin needs to be administered).

How long do you spend with my cat?

This depends on your cat. Some cats are shy and prefer a shorter visit. Other cats and kittens demand a lot of attention and affection and want to play – we are only too happy to oblige!

Can you visit every other day while I am away?

No, our insurance will not cover this and the well being of your cat is our priority, whilst it is in our care. More than 24 hours between visits could put your cat at risk, should it become unwell, or if there is a medical emergency. For your peace of mind and our own, we visit daily during the period of your booking.

What happens if there is an emergency with my cat?


We will take the cat to his or her vet, or the nearest vet in an emergency, and contact you immediately on the number you have provided. Please note that you will be responsible for any veterinary charges incurred.

Can you give my cat medication?

Our cat sitters are comfortable in caring for cats with a range of medical conditions. We have veterinary trained cat sitters on our team who are experienced in administering all kinds of medication, including injections e.g. in the case of diabetic cats.

Should I leave my cat flap open?

This depends on your cat and your preference. Cats do behave differently in their owner’s absence and some may not be in when we visit. Although we do our best to ensure we see your cat on every visit, we cannot be responsible if cats do not come when called. However, some cats become stressed and anxious if the cat flap is locked. Ultimately this is your decision.

What security precautions do you take while I’m away?

Ginger European Shorthair sitting and looking away

We will take in the post or anything left on the doorstep or in the letterbox daily to minimise the appearance of your property being unoccupied. We can alternate lights on and off within different rooms on request and open and shut curtains/blinds.

Will you water my plants and garden?

We will water a reasonable number of house or patio plants (please move these into one location where water damage is not possible). We do not charge for this service.

Can I check on my cat whilst I’m away?

Please do! We will let you know once we have done the first visit, so you can rest assured that the service has commenced. We will maintain contact with you by text, email, or phone, if necessary. If requested, we will send you pictures of your cat/upload to our Facebook page. You are welcome to contact us as often as you like for an update.

I have never used a cat sitting service before and I’m a bit wary of allowing strangers into my home.  How can you reassure me about security?

We understand that many people will be anxious when trying a new service.  Please take a look at our many positive client reviews. The Cat Butlers are fully vetted and insured.

How much do you charge?


We charge £12 for one daily visit (up to three cats). Bank Holidays are charged at a higher rate. If you have more than three cats, then please contact us for a quote.

What are your payment arrangements?

Payment is required by no later than the first cat visit. You will be invoiced after the preliminary meeting and once the necessary paperwork has been completed. Payment is via bank transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

If 48 hours notice of cancellation of a booking is not given, we cannot offer a refund unless we have a letter from a vet stating that your cat is ill or injured.

Contact Us

Our cat sitters can visit homes in the Hertfordshire area including Harpenden, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Wheathampstead, and further afield. Please call 01727 821372 to discuss your specific cat care requirements or complete our enquiry form.


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