• We are cat experts! We care for thousands of cats every year, and we only care for cats! We know how territorial cats can be, and if we turn up smelling of a dog or other animals, we know that this can be unsettling for some of our feline friends.
  • We love cats, and we care for our customers (the feline ones!) as if they were our own.
  • We take away the stress of transporting your cat or worrying about them settling into a new environment, such as a cattery.
  • Every one of our Cat Butlers is fully vetted, DBS checked, trained, insured and supported by us.
  • You’ll get to meet your Cat Butler before you go away, so you’ll know exactly who is going into your house and, more importantly, who is looking after, the arguably, most important member of your family!
  • For your peace of mind, the visits are GPS tracked, so we can tell you when your Cat Butler has been in and how long they have spent in your home.
  • Our cat sitters are trained to administer medication, where needed.
  • Our complimentary home security service acts as a great crime deterrent!
  • We make sure your house is looked after too – taking out the bins, watering the plants, and more.
  • We charge per visit, not per cat.
  • Our cat sitters are available 365 days a year, often at very little notice.
  • You’ll not pay any extra for weekend visits.
  • Through your online pet portal, we offer a convenient booking and payment system accessible 24/7 on your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

The Benefits for Your Cat

  • Less stress, as they are looked after in their own environment, and without unfamiliar cats around them. Cats are territorial and are generally happier being looked after in their own home, where they feel safe and secure with their creature comforts.
  •  Your cat’s normal routine stays the same such as feeding, favourite sleeping spot, and being able to access the great outdoors, should your cat normally have access to a cat flap.
  • They don’t have to suffer that cat carrier that you know they dislike so much!
  • Or the car journey!
  • There’s no need for them to get additional vaccinations or treatments, and they are less likely to be exposed to contagious feline diseases such as fleas, ticks, or worms.
  • They’ll get daily human contact, loads of interaction, attention, play, and love from someone who is a cat expert.

Contact Us

To discuss your specific cat care requirements or to find out more about our fully vetted and insured cat sitters, please call 01727 821372. Alternatively, you can complete an enquiry form.


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