Introducing New Cats to Each Other

If you’re like most cat lovers, you’ve probably found yourself longing to give another furry friend a home. While multi-cat homes are common, it’s important to properly introduce new cats so that each of your feline friends feels comfortable. Whether you are adopting an older cat or bringing home a cute little kitten, here’s your complete guide to introducing new cats to each other, to help you create a sense of peace and safety for your new and existing cats.

Tips for Introducing a New CatThree cats looking at the camera: Introducing cats to each other

There are steps you can take to help the cats become fast friends, but be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort to properly acquaint them. Cats are territorial creatures, so the steps you will take to introduce them will revolve around this trait.

Step One: Preparing a Sacred Space

Before you bring your new cat home, it’s crucial that you set up a designated space for him. A spare bedroom or bathroom set up with a bed, toys, and a litter box will serve as a private space that your new cat can call her own. You should also ensure that the space has places for the cat to hide. Cardboard boxes with holes cut in them will suffice.

Step Two: Bring Your Cat Home

When you bring your new cat home, take him to his space immediately. Do not let him see your other cats. Ideally, you’ll be able to spend a few hours with him to make him feel comfortable with you and your home. In the first few weeks, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of sickness, stress, and anxiety.

Step Three: Feed Your Cat

Offer your new cat wet food, dry food, and plenty of water, and monitor their food intake closely during the first week. If your cat refuses to eat for more than two days, get them to the vet immediately. Cats, especially those who are overweight, are prone to developing fatty liver disease if they don’t eat, and it can be fatal if left untreated.

Step Four: Introduce the Cats To Each Other

After a few days, you can begin to introduce the cats to each other. The tried and true way to do this is to place the cats on opposite sides of a door so they can smell each other. If they seem ready to meet, you can place them in the same room under your supervision. Take things slow and don’t force anything too soon. When it comes to acquainting new cats, slow and steady is key.

Cat Introductions: Do’s and Don’tsTwo cats lying together: Introducing new cats

When you are bringing home another furry friend, here are the key points to remember.


Take things slow

Create a safe space for your new cat to be alone

Spend plenty of time with your new cat

Use the door method for introducing cats


Bring your cat home and let him run free

Allow your cat to refuse food

Force cats to become friends

Expect the introduction to go perfectly the first time

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