Missing and Found Cats – What to Do

Many people have no idea what to do if their cat goes missing or what to do if they think they have found a stray cat. Please follow these tips if your cat goes missing or if you think you have found a stray cat.

When you become a cat ownerTwo cat sitting on the window sill: Lost & found cats what to do

  • Have the cat neutered. This will stop the cat wandering or fighting with other cats.
  • Microchip your cat. Make sure you REGISTER your information with the company that supplied the chip and with your vet. If your cat is found, even miles away, it can be reunited with you but ONLY if they have the correct information.
  • If you move house or your contact details change, don’t forget to update the microchip company.

If your cat goes missing

  • Look around the neighbourhood for your cat; cats usually return within 24 hours if they have been without food.
  • If you have recently moved house, has your cat gone back to its old home? Cats have been known to travel several miles back to their previous home.
  • Check that your cat hasn’t been shut in a neighbours shed, garage, greenhouse or a nearby empty building.
  • Put up flyers in your local area and make up small leaflets with a description and if possible a picture of your cat to distribute around your neighbourhood. Ask the neighbours to look too.
  • Call and send leaflets to local vets in case your cat is found or has been injured.
  • Have you, or a neighbour, had workmen or a delivery? Cats often climb into unattended vehicles and jump out the next time they stop. Contact the company to find out where to start looking.
  • Put an advertisement in the Lost column of the local paper.
  • Contact your local Council.  They may have details if your cat has been fatally injured on the road.

If you have found a catBlack & white cat sitting on tartan bed

  • If you are unsure if the cat is lost please attach a paper collar and write a message to the owner.
  • If you think the cat is stray, please
    call Cats Protection with details.
  • Make sure, if it’s female, it does not have kittens in the area.
  • Ask around in the local area to try & find the owner.
  • Put up posters in the area.
  • Phone local vets with details.
  • Keep the cat safe and continue to feed it until you find the owner.

Contact the following for assistance

Cats Protection They keep a record of lost and found cats.
Petlog Microchips – 0870 606 6751
Animalcare (Identichip) Microchips – 01904 487 600
Animal Search nationally advertises lost and found pets on 01432 266 900
Pets Located
RSPCA – 0870 333 5999
The Blue Cross – 01438 832232
The Royal Veterinary College – 01707 666366
Missing Pet Bureau – 0870 199 9000

For more assistance on what to do if your cat goes missing or if you have found a stray cat please do not hesitate to contact us on 01727 821372.